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Our Roots – Our Salts



I’ve always enjoyed taking care of people and animals of course! That is what inspired me to first start making salts. My dog, Bean and I moved into a small home in the Seattle neighborhood of South Park. Where I first had the opportunity to sell my salt, at the neighborhood’s annual art sale. Originally focusing on bath salts made with Himalayan salt and essential oils.

This is also the neighborhood where I met my husband, Aaron. In 2011 Aaron and I had our first daughter and opened a family business (World Pizza). It was a crazy year! World Pizza, located in Seattle’s vibrant Chinatown/ID neighborhood, led to my culinary salt adventure. When customers began requesting garlic salt for their pizza slices, Aaron asked I try my hand at making fresh garlic salt. Having experimented with the healing properties of Himalayan salt, I thought “why not”? What felt like 10,000 hours later, along with making pizza and nursing our daughter, we had a flavorful salt to offer to our customers.

Drawing inspiration from the International District, our benchmark flavors developed: Dragon Salt, Mama-Dragon Salt, Savory Brussel Salt and of course our Organic Garlic Salt.